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Serving Chicago with Quality Home Care 

Our trained caregivers will keep your loved ones comfortable, safe, and happy.

Update Regarding Coronavirus (COVID19)

As the nation deals with the effects of the COVID-19, we want to make sure we're doing everything we can to fight the disease. We are making sure that our staff is practicing the correct procedures to stop the spread. And we're providing you, our clients, and our partners with the same information. Be safe, use the best practices below, and limit your exposure by staying indoors.


Common human coronaviruses usually cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses, like the common cold. These illnesses usually only last for a short amount of time. Symptoms may include

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

Human coronaviruses can sometimes cause lower-respiratory tract illnesses, such as pneumonia or bronchitis.


The following can help prevent the spread of coronaviruses and protect yourself from becoming infected.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick

There are currently no vaccines to protect against human coronavirus infection


Human coronaviruses most commonly spread from an infected person to others through

  • The air by coughing and sneezing

  • Close personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands

  • Touching an object or surface with the virus on it, then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes before washing your hands

  • Rarely, fecal contamination


There are no specific treatments. To help relieve symptoms

  • Take pain and fever medications

  • Drink plenty of liquids

  • Stay home and rest

Home Care Services

Our mission is to provide home care services so that your loved one can maintain their quality of life safely, comfortably, and independently. We service our clients with respect, professionalism, and compassion. At Comprehensive Home Care Services, our professional in-home caregivers can assist with all your care needs.

We allow your loved one to maintain independence while we provide excellent care.

From playing games to sharing stories, our caregivers provide social interaction to seniors.

Our Caregivers help with errands, such as picking up medication, mailing packages, and more.

 We'll take care of your laundry, dishes, and other housekeeping tasks.

We'll make sure you arrive safely and on time to all of your appointments.

Our caregivers can provide both a short-term and long term break from family caregivers.

We provide help with bathing, dressing, grooming, hygiene care, and more.

We'll prepare meals to meet your dietary needs and also monitor your diet.

We are a home care agency that serves Chicago, Cook County, Albany Park, Will County, and Lake County

 Whether it's personal care or transportation to and from appointments to respite care or dementia care, we'll take care of you. We're dedicated to serving and providing quality in-home care for seniors, the disabled and new mothers. Plus, we're certified and registered with the Chicago VA, so we have the expertise to care for veterans. 

Why choose Comprehensive Home Care as your home care agency?


Our caregivers are

 trained and certified by the state. They'll adjust to your needs and lifestyle.


Comprehensive Home Care was founded on giving quality care. And we treat our clients like family.


We will be there when you need us. Rest assured that you will have someone in your corner.

See how we can provide care for your loved ones.

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